Our SF6 Services
in our office and on site

Calibrating your DILO Analyzer

DILO recommends that each Analyzer be calibrated every 2 years. In order to reduce delays and to offer a quality service, DILO has chosen WLE as its Authorized Service Center for the calibration of its Analyzers. 

  • Calibration time : 3 weeks (including transport)
  • 2 years warranty for replaced sensors
  • Tracking and follow-up of your repair


Analysis of your SF6 gas (SO2, H2O, %SF6)

Need to perform analysis of your SF6 gas during your operations? Our team can intervene directly on site or on your customer's site and perform measurements for you.

  • Fast intervention anywhere in France
  • Advice and expertise of our technician

Maintenance of your DILO recovery units

DILO recommends that you perform maintenance on your recovery units every 2 years. Our technician is certified to service your B143R11 (Mini Series), B057R03 (Compact Series), L057R01 (Economy Series) recovery units.

  • Fast intervention everywhere in France
  • Displacement and expertise directly on your site
  • Maintenance performed according to the diagnosis made on your device


SF6 gas leak detection

Because it is essential to prevent all risks of leakage in order to preserve the environment, WLE also intervenes during your leakage research on all your equipment under SF6. 

  • Variable duration according to your operations
  • Availability of our technician within 24 hours
  • Equipment provided